FLOGmall before december 2018
FLOGmall – it's an e-commerce platform for the buyers and sellers by a cryptocurrency. An alfa-version of the FLOGmall product has been launched. Check out old White Paper and how's ICO FLOGmall was coming. A project's economical model has been created.
FLOGmall today – is a first web-service in the world for the private raffles using smart-contracts on a blockchain
Connect Etherium blockchain
Connect Tron blockchain
Update functionality and starting engineering of the e-commerce platform
Connect UOs° blockchain Network
Launch main product and FLOGmall wallet
E-commerce platform for sellers and buyers by the cryptocurrency (beta testing) and connect Bitcoin blockchain
FLOGmall International – is a company registered in Estonia and owns web-server of the raffles on a blockchain, cryptocurrency's wallet and e-commerce platform on the blockchain